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What Could Be Damaging Your Gut?

Your gut health is extremely important to your overall health. At the core of this, we have “good” bacteria which helps us thrive. However, with our current lifestyles, the bacteria can fail to grow leading to an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria. Find out what could be impacting on your gut health.

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Food and you Mood - 8 Tips for how food can help with your moods

Eating is one of the most common past times. But did you know what we eat can affect our moods? For your body to function properly you need to nourish it with the food you eat. This includes your brain, which in turn helps support your moods. Here is 8 tips to show you how food can help your moods.

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Sleep - How does it affect your health?

Sleep is as essential to health as oxygen, water and food. It helps the body function properly, keeps your immune system healthy and strong, helps to control your appetite and weight and is also needed for attention, learning and memory. If we don’t get enough sleep, it can affect our emotions, behaviour, weight, problem solving and overall health.

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