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Is it Time for a Time-Out?

Are you feeling stressed? Feeling like the world is closing in on you and you have no way out? Or do you feel like you just don’t give a f*ck? Are you extra grumpy, overwhelmed and wanting to scream? Or are you feeling like you just need a break? Maybe it’s time to put yourself in a Time-Out. Here are some signs you need to put yourself first and take the time-out you need.

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PMS is NOT Normal

 Around 75% of women suffer from PMS and it is assumed that it is just a natural part of life. This is not the case. PMS is a condition characterised by physical, emotional and mental symptoms that occur during the week before your period begins and ends within a few days of the start of bleeding. And while the cause is unknown, there are plenty of natural ways to assist you in learning more about your own body and how to improve the symptoms.

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Stress: The ins and outs, with tips to help deal with Chronic Stress

Everyone experiences stress, some people thrive on it while others crumble. Stress can also be a good thing, helping you reach a deadline at work or give you motivation to study for that test. However, if you are always feeling stressed than your body is always in “flight or fight” mode causing physical and emotional damage.

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